Microdosing mushrooms refers to the practice of taking a sub-perceptual dose of psychedelic mushrooms. Instead of taking a full dose that produces intense hallucinations and altered states of consciousness, microdosing involves taking a fraction of that dose, typically around 10-20% of a normal recreational dose

At Microdose Mushrooms USA, we are passionate about providing high-quality and natural psilocybin microdosing products to enhance your well-being and elevate your mind. With the growing interest in alternative wellness solutions, microdosing mushrooms has emerged as a popular practice for those seeking increased creativity, focus, and overall mental clarity.

What makes our microdosing products truly exceptional is our commitment to sustainability. We believe that taking care of the planet is just as important as taking care of ourselves. That’s why we utilize eco-friendly packaging materials and prioritize sustainable farming practices. When you choose Microdose Mushrooms USA, you not only support your own well-being but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Neuro Mood

Neuro Mood is dosed with 250 mg of Psilocybin. Its combination often gives people a sense of Euphoria and Energy.

Neuro Focus

Neuro Focus is dosed with a modest 150 mg of Psilocybin. It has been shown to increase productivity and focus.

Neuro Blend

Neuro Blend is dosed with a modest 80 mg of Psilocybin. It has been known to relieve symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

Neuro Ultra

Neuro Ultra is dosed with 400 mg of Psilocybin combined with Ginger Root to bring you a spiritual and Euphoric experience.

Microdose Mushrooms

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  • Mike S.
    Its hard for me to get out cause Im bad at expressing emotions…I just want thank you guys/girls. This will be the first Christmas since Ive been out of the army that I’ll see my family and its essentially because of your company and medication provide.
    Mike S.
  • Chelsea
    Having to cope with my depression & anxiety after several failed attempts with prescribed medications that never seemed to work – I just accepted that it was something I would always have to deal with; until I tried micro-dosing. Microdose USA has changed my life in a way, that I feel like I have re gained control of my life back . I  wake up every day feeling energized for the day ahead, not to mention I have much more mental clarity & focus in the work field now. I am so thankful I came across Microdose USA!